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Zapletená kola WIND 75 DB  28“
Zapletená kola WIND 75 DB  28“ Zapletená kola WIND 75 DB  28“ Zapletená kola WIND 75 DB  28“
Zapletená kola WIND 75 DB  28“ Zapletená kola WIND 75 DB  28“ Zapletená kola WIND 75 DB  28“ Zapletená kola WIND 75 DB  28“

Zapletená kola WIND 75 DB 28“

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The 75 DB model completes the WIND range. This high profile wheel is the best expression of all the aerodynamic research and development carried out by our engineers.   The ultra-aero profile makes it the ideal wheel for time trials, triathlons and all situations where aerodynamics make the difference and you’re pedalling at high speeds. The challenge of the project was focused on achieving high air penetration and speed numbers, without compromising the wheel’s stability and handling, despite the height of the profile. This was achieved with thorough wind tunnel testing, that resulted in a new profile of the unidirectional carbon rim, whose internal and external dimensions are in line with current trends: rim width 27 mm and channel width 19 mm. The rim is 2-WAY FIT™, tubeless from the outset.  It doesn’t need any tape for sealing, simplifying and lightening the tyre-rim pairing, thanks to the rim machining with Mo-Mag™ technology. The rim is also stiffer and more resistant without holes. The spokes are double butted, rounded and straight pull (the best aerodynamic shape) and the nipples are in aluminium. As far as the internals are concerned, we have chosen sealed cartridge bearings housed in aluminium hubs, for both the front and rear wheel.  Two extremely important aspects for the riders are the exceptional price/performance ratio, that makes this fast wheel more accessible compared to the SPEED range, and the possibility of buying only the rear wheel.  The WIND 75 are the best choice for those looking for maximum speed and an access point to Fulcrum’s carbon range. This beautifully designed wheelset, which will make your bike unique, are a precious ally when every second counts and the epitome of #FULCRUMFAST. TECHNOLOGIES 2-WAY FIT™ / RDB™ RIM DYNAMIC BALANCE / DRSC™ - DIRECTIONATED RIM-SPOKE COUPLING / MOMAG™ / ANTI-ROTATION SYSTEM™ / F.I.C. FULCRUM IDENTIFICATION CARD - 100% HANDMADE QUALITY / TRACEABILITY / AFS AXLE SYSTEM™ / RIM FULL CARBON TECHNOLOGY / WIDE RIM TECH / UNDRILLED RIM BED / DISC SPECIFIC RIM FEATURES TYRE TYPE    2-Way fit (for clincher and tubeless) TYRE SIZE    28" DISCIPLINE    Road / Triathlon ASTM CATEGORY    1 WEIGHT    1820 g RIM MATERIAL    Carbon RIM MATERIAL DETAILS    Full carbon, "UD" - carbon fiber finishing PROFILE HEIGHT    High RIM HEIGHT    Front and rear: 75 mm RIM WIDTH    27 mm INNER RIM WIDTH (CHANNEL)    19 mm TYRE WIDTH    From 23 mm to 50 mm BRAKING SYSTEM    Disc brake BRAKING SURFACE/BRAKES OPTIONS    AFS FRONT AXLE COMPATIBILITY    HH12-100 REAR AXLE COMPATIBILITY    HH12-142 FRONT WHEEL SPOKES    24 (16 left - 8 right) REAR WHEEL SPOKES    24 (8 left - 16 right) SPOKES: MATERIAL    Stainless steel, double butted SPOKES: PROFILE    Rounded, straight pull NIPPLES    Aluminum FRONT HUB    Aluminum, Aluminum flanges REAR HUB    Aluminum, Aluminum flanges BEARINGS    Sealed cartridge bearings OTHERS    Aluminum Axle WEIGHT LIMIT    120kg (bike, rider, equipment and luggage) FWB OPTIONS    HG11, XDr, OptionalCAMPY N3W

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